Monday, September 11, 2006

But I Didn't Even J-Walk! I Swear!

Today I got picked up by a policeman.

I was just walking home from work, minding my own business when I hear this voice over an intercom. I couldn't hear what the voice was saying but I turned around to look just as a police car pulled up beside me. I bent down to ask what he wanted trying frantically to figure out what I had been doing wrong. Turns out it was Lolo's cousin Jeremy! He drove me the rest of the way home in the squad car...he wouldn't let me put on the sirens though.


Laura said...

At least he didn't pull you over in a car. I am waiting for him to do that to me. Silly boy. He carries a gun. This scares me!

Diedre said...

Whoa, cool! Also kinda creepy. But Cool!