Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Weekend from Heaven

I had the best Thanksgiving weekend ever! Normally I don't go in for the "and then I did this" type of blog post, but I ask for your indulgence this one time:

Friday night, my cousin Jaime came over for a sleepover, we watched What Not to Wear, drank some wine, and she taught me how to smoke a pipe. I felt like I needed to ponder something (think Sherlock Holmes).

The next morning my dad picked us up and we went fishing. We wore waders, which Jaime thought were "like a home" because they were so big. We got to the river and it was really really high. So we couldn't fish at the spot we wanted to because we would have had to cross the river and we couldn't because it was too high. Walking in the water was fun though. We ran into a small child on our way back to the car and he remarked excitedly "Dad, I see some FISHERS!" I am a fisher. We tried another spot and my dad and Jaime saw a fish.

Saturday and Sunday were full of family and food. Good times.

Monday I got to call Carley and catch up on her England adventures. I finished off the night with some Friends watching accompanied by some knitting.

Best weekend ever.

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Laura said...

Did riley get to go fishing too? Did she retrieve any hats?