Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quarter Life Crisis #2 (ish?)

Working full time for 20 months straight in jobs that I am less-than-passionate for has made me begin to freak out. I will probably try to resolve this cognitive dissonance by going back to school. Possibly to get an English degree. (?!?) That way, I can either be a teacher or a travel writer.

It doesn't really change the way my life will look in the short term. I was going to go back to school next year in any case. But the MTS (Master of Theological Studies) idea is beginning to look less and less attractive. Mostly because I am getting sick of church. I can't really explain it, but I am. I'm not getting sick of God, or of the people at church, or of the leadership at church, just of church. I figure this is not the way to get started in ministry. Although, if I could work at a church AND take courses in liberal arts from a secular school, I think that could be a good balance...we'll see.


Diedre said...

...crisis #1 being the one where you quit U of Waterloo?

Sounds confusing. I recently discovered that I do not, in fact, crave school anymore, and that I do not want to get any more degrees for several years at least. (I thought I'd be pining for a master's by now.)

So, good luck with that crisis. Wanna go for coffee in 2 weeks? We'll be in the same province!

Spam said...

Agreed.. on the sick of church part.
Not so much agreed on the wanting to go back to school part.
But to each there own right.
I think you will look back in 5 years and realize you had nothing to worry or be confused about.
and in 9 years it's Cougar time.

Anonymous said...

I searched "hate God" on the blog search. You came up.

I am around the same age as you and I think it is up to use to raise are hands in frustration with the church. I cant tell you what will come of it. But Its a comen thread in are genration. We are the Over-churched.

Just for the Record my name is Jonathan and I am from southren Alberta.

Steph said...

hey Jonathan,

thanks for the comment...I can't decide whether I should laugh or not that my blog came up when you searched "hate God."

Kerry said...

Let's us both go back, and both of us go to teacher's college at Nipissing!

Manda said...

You guys have to wait two more years until I can go to Nipissing with you. Then it will be a big party.

Also, I wish a random stranger from Alberta posted on my blog.

Tyler said...

Don't get an English degree. It will warp your brain.