Thursday, January 25, 2007

Joy Cometh in the Morning

Or so they say. "They" being, in this case, Psalm 30, and various songs based thereupon.

I am not a morning person. For me, joy cometh not in the morning. Sadness, irritability, anger and other such emotions unrelated to joy cometh in the morning. The ability to Commune With Other Human Beings cometh at around 9am. Joy cometh, at the earliest, 1pm. Unless it is a Saturday, the only day when joy cometh in the morning, when I realize I do not need to get up just yet.

There is, however, one hint of joy in most of my mornings. When I walk past a tire store on my way to work in the morning, I am greeted by a large Chow Chow and a small Chow Chow who are tied outside. Occasionally, if he is untied at the moment, the small one will try to accompany me to work. He is my friend. He is puffy. Funny puffy dog=joy.


Kerry said...

Agreed, boo mornings. The only reason I scrap to get early shifts is to get off early. I call this "deferred joy". If we go back to the Aramaic, I'm sure the passage reads "DEFERRED joy comes with the morning".

Tyler said... joy typically cometh somewhere between 6 and 7pm, when I have some reading time to myself...I turn off all the lights except one lamp and then forget the world for a while. The problem is that I always have trouble dragging myself back out of the trance and into homework mode, so the joy lasteth not long.

Manda said...

I'm conflicted. I would consider myself a morning person, if I'm alone. I wake up ok, I'm in a fine mood. When other people are ridiculously cheery (ie my mom)and can't comprehend the reasons why I don't want to sing songs about prunes in the morning, I get a little agitated.
Puffy dogs are quite silly, however. I think I get the same joy when I see squirrels on campus...heehee puffy tails!

Laura said...

I love those dogs!! I used to pass them when I walked home from MacGregor and then WCI. - Obviously not the small one. He is new. Now I pass the cute puffy chows on my way from work to the gym. They make my day!

Carley said...

Amen! I wholeheartedly concur.

And today was a Monday morning, which is a whole other phenomenon altogether. You could definitely devote a whole other post to those.

Fortunately work is now over, so my joy has finally arrived!

Carley said...

Oh yeah, and I love those dogs too! I can picture them now...I think they must be famous throughout Waterloo!

judi said...

A friend once told my sister that if she were a dog whe would be a chow chow. She took it as a compliment and I think she was right to do so. ;)

Steph said...

she was definitely right to do so!