Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Ridiculously Long Time Between Posts

So, now that no even checks my blog anymore because it has been so long since I last posted....

I shall post.

Christmas was great for the following reasons:
    • Carley came home. (She proceeded to leave again but that didn't make Christmas good.)
    • Melissa, Diedre, Aaron, Jan, Paul, Michelle and Trevor all visited. Fun Times.
    • I had a week off work.
    • I shopped for books at a bookstore in which I needed A SHOPPING CART.
    • I saw many babies: Abby, Aydan, Naomi and Kaedmon. Babies Everywhere.
    • Did I mention the store where I bought books and used a cart?
    • Jesus was born.
    • I stayed with my family for a few days and just hung out. It is always wonderful to be with them.
    • Riley wore antlers.
Yes, it was all very fun.

And now, I shall begin 2007, being resolved to not make resolutions.


Mike Goerz said...

You forgot the kick-butt game of trivial that took place through the years of 2006 and 2007! ummm... and the new year festivities of the night.
P.S. I still check to see if you post anything... although it has been quite a while :(

annemarie said...

yay! a post! hi steph!

Steph said...

I'm glad to see my adoring public so thrilled that I posted.

Tyler said...

I must know the location of this shopping-cart bookstore.

Manda said...

Was it a regular sized shopping cart, or was it a tiny one, like at the dollar store? I hope it was a big one :o)

Steph said...

Tyler, the bookstore is called The Book Depot and it is in St. Catharines.
Mandy, the carts were big. :)

judi said...

dear steph,

I ate a Very Brown banana the other day and thought of you.