Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wither the Arts?

A couple things have come to my attention lately that make me sad:

1. Stephen Harper cares not a whit for the arts. (not that I'm surprised)
2. A world famous violinist can play some of the most beautiful music on earth on a Stradivarius (got that? Joshua Bell + Strad + Bach) and over 1 000 people will walk by and NOT EVEN NOTICE.

These parts make me happy though:

1. Yann Martel is challenging S. Diddy to read a recommended book every two weeks. You can read about this effort here.
2. A world famous violinist agreed to masquerade as a street musician for an experiment.

Lessons Learned:

1. If you ever become Prime Minister please Read Stuff. And appreciate it. Or else.
2. If you happen to see any world famous musicians (or, frankly, ANY talented musician) playing on the street, stop and listen. It's for your own good.

ETA: ha! I spelt "whither" wrong by accident and I was about to change it when I realized that it is kind of punny!

1 comment:

Diedre said...

Nice ideas! The article about Joshua Bell was interesting, but somebody get that author an editor! It was way too fricken long and filled with filler.

I wish I could have heard that performance.