Thursday, April 26, 2007

On Punctuation

I walk by a sign every morning outside a financial planning place that reads:


This drives me insane each and every day. This is at 8 am when I am still cranky from the people who insist on talking on the bus ("like, oh my GOD, I can't believe she did that! I was, like, totally wanting to tell her blah blah blah like blah I like this boy"). I always think to myself: Why would I want to entrust my finances to people who can't even make use of a simple question mark to MAKE THEIR BLOODY SIGN MAKE SENSE? See how easy using a question mark is? I just did it twice in a row. Unless they are trying to say that life is indeed to taxing for plans that work. Meaning that those poor hard-working plans can't possibly handle how taxing life is. That might be what they mean. Rod Burgundy?

Another random comment on punctuation: We all understand that a string of exclamation marks conveys a certain amount of excitement in proportion to the number of exclamation marks in said string. Not that I am endorsing such strings (don't worry Amp). But the degree of excitement conveyed can be multiplied by 10 if the string is immediately followed by a 1 indicating that you were so excited while typing that you took your finger off shift too early in an attempt to get to the next word faster.

I have to go catch the bus in the rain now and I get to walk past the questionmarkless sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Diedre said...

Oh Stephanie, how I miss you! (It was tempting to do the !!!!1 thing, but I didn't, that would have been too predictable.)

annemarie said...

bah. i agree with mr pratchett: more than two ! still means insanity.

Jan said...

Hey Steph, how do you do that cool thing on the side of your blog with the books you're reading/about to read? Is that through LibraryThing?

Steph said...

Hey Jan,

LibraryThing says it has such capabilities, but as far as I can tell, it lies. I just did this by using the "add a picture" option in the layout section.