Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back from Mars

...Just kidding.

I have, in fact, NOT been abducted by the aliens that called me on my intercom line. I can see how you would get that impression from my last post followed by six weeks of silence. Basically in those six weeks I have been going insane, supervising registration for a youth short term mission trip to Montreal. Then I went to sign them all in and frolic around Montreal for a while. Now I am back and I am happy to say that I no longer work for MBMSI. Let's just leave it at that. :)

Montreal is beautiful and awesome because:

1. People speak French. And let's face it: French sounds better than English.
2. There are beautiful churches EVERYWHERE. With GOOD ACOUSTICS.
3. You can be walking around downtown, minding your own business, and come across David Usher performing in the main street (This happened! I saw David Usher! For free! And he was good! And he even sang some Moist songs! And also that one that is on the radio now, and the one with the opera sample).
4. There is a man there who gives away free hugs. I didn't get one, but Kerry did and it looked like a really good one.

So, I'm off to Europe in 9 days. I'll be there for a month so my blog will probably be AWOL again. But who knows, there may be some bonus Euorpean posts!


Diedre said...

Wow, you are living the wild life! David Usher is cool. Too bad he wasn't giving out free hugs.

I'll miss your blog! Post pictures from Europe sometime if you can!

Laura said...

Hope you're having lots of funs!