Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memo to Winter

Dear Winter,

While it is true that many (seemingly insane) people seem to love you, what with the winter sports and all, there are also many people who do not share this love. At the risk of angering the former group, who, being insane, may try to kill me, I have to tell you, with all due respect: You have worn out your welcome. The Southern Hemisphere needs you. It is time to move along. MOVE ALONG. See, we here in the Northern Hemisphere have extended an annual invitation to Spring on the 20th of March. You never leave in time. AND you always come earlier than your standing invitation in December. Autumn and Spring might gang up and cut you, you never know. I wouldn't wait around to find out.

In closing, please take your snow, and your cold, and your wind, and your general misery, and get out.

With Respect, but not Love,


P.S. The robins are also here.


Annemarie said...

i back you up 100%.

Lord Kerrance said...

Late comment, but ONLY cause I never thought this would get updated again. I agree wholeheartedly.

Annie said...

I hear ya. Luckily winter (better be!!) on its way out.