Monday, February 11, 2008

How Rude!

To not post for over six months without any explanation! Honestly. Bloggers these days.

LOTS has happened! So as to not bore you I shall provide a concise, bulleted list:

  • Had random adventures in France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and England.

  • Drove in France. On crazy roundabouts.

  • Interviewed for job in Waterloo while in small village in Italy. Will post photo of me on pay phone on street corner.

  • Got new fabulous job (Youth Program Coordinator at WMB Church).


  • Started new fabulous job.

  • Started new fabulous English program.

  • Went to see Feist.

  • Went to see Hairspray.

  • Planned many youth events.

  • Planned a ski/snowboard retreat for 50 youth which killed/injured 0.

  • Continued to love living with fabulous roomies.

  • Wrote many papers.

  • Started working at a shelter for the houseless.

  • Got married.

  • Just kidding.

One other thing that happened that I could not bring myself to put in a bulleted list is that my dog Riley died. It was five months ago now but I still have a hard time thinking about her without feeling very sad. She was a good friend. And everything still reminds me of her (right Paul?). Mom and Dad got a new puppy and she seems like she might be almost as wonderful, although she has large paws to fill. Her name is Darby. I'm sure I will post more about her later.

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Jan said...

I'm sorry to hear about Riley, Steph. I loved all your talk about him when we were at CMU.

Thanks for the update, though, it's good to see you back on blog!