Monday, March 05, 2007

Adventures in House Sitting, Part 1

I am currently house sitting for my boss, who is away in Florida. Where it is warm. And not freezing. Or full of snow...but I digress.

The house that I am sitting contains one dog and one cat. We all know how I feel about dogs so I won't gush too much, but the dog is awesome. Not as awesome or as insano as my dog. But awesome nonetheless. The cat is CRAZY. In a good way. She enjoys:
  • sleeping in my laundry.
  • drinking from any source of water that is NOT her own water dish.
  • batting at the drapes...which she must do RIGHT NOW so she must run across the house and take a flying leap at them.
  • purring/licking my face/attacking my feet (which aren't even moving!) whilst I am trying to sleep.
  • licking the drops of milk out of my cereal bowl while I am distracted by the dog.
  • trying to attack the dog by employing the full body, limbs akimbo, giant ferocious leap but being foiled by (ie bouncing off) the arm of the couch.
Needless to say, it has been great fun so far!


Kerry said...

Good use of "whilst". I didn't even know the Serez' had a cat! You might not have time to perfect this method, but I used to play my trumpet at home and my cats hated it. After a while, they would go running at the sight of it. So what I'm saying is, you should take up trumpet and then set it on your feet at night. That would be the logical solution.

annemarie said...

our kitty cat hates the spray bottle we use to dissuade him from doing bad things. so much so that if i point it at him while he is standing on the table, he will back up until he falls off. he even flings his paws in the air! i love kitties. and you.