Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And Also: Adventures in Life

Yesterday I discovered as I was driving to work that I was an hour late. I had changed all the clocks except for the one on my phone, which is serving as my alarm clock while I am with the animales. So, as soon as I got to work I changed my phone. Done. Problem solved. My boss was not in and I finished all the work I was supposed to so no harm done. Later I told the story to a friend of mine. He was surprised my phone hadn't updated itself. he asked if it had an Auto Update feature. I checked. It did. So I turned it on, to avoid this problem in the future.

Today I discovered upon waking that I was an hour late again. I looked at my phone and it had Auto Updated to the old time, probably because they moved DST this year. BAH! So I decided to skip breakfast and got ready super-fast. On the way to work, I decided to get a coffee. Normally I would go to Starbucks, but Tim Horton's was on the way, so I went and ordered a coffee and breakfast, only to discover that I HAVE NO CASH. I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO STARBUCKS! So I went in the opposite direction that I should have been going to get to work, and I went to Starbucks and got my coffee. When I got back into the car the Dixie Chicks were singing "Taking the Long Way". And I realized that, not only did this song pertain to my morning, but it also describes my life. And that actually made me happy. Now I need to go drink my coffee.



annemarie said...

i love your stories! they are very stephanie. i want to talk to you. where's that phone number?

Kerry said...

Ooh, that hurts, the old "Oh, but...I...don't have money. I...I'll have to go". Ilove how your speaking style and writing style have the exact same inflections, too.

Mandie said...

I agree with Kerry. Your blogs are my favourite, I think.

Jan said...

Starbucks is so much better then Snot Rohmit anyway. You know, Saskatchewan is the only place in the world where Tim Horton's takes interac. Isn't that weird?