Friday, March 09, 2007

You Too Can Be Happy For Just $10 000 per Year!

I read an interesting article yesterday. It is basically about happiness and what we need in order to be happy. Especially interesting (although not surprising) is the fact that although the GNP has been consistently on the rise for the last while, the level of satisfaction people claim to have has stayed basically the same. What I was surprised by is the "magic number" of 10 000. This magic number is the amount of dollars per person per year that it takes to be happy. People who make more than $10 000/person/year (so a family of four would need $40 000) are not happier than those who make only $10 000. That number seemed very low to me...I bet most of the people reading this make more than that (it doesn't count if you are in school!). Also worth checking out is the part about sustainable agriculture...there were some surprising numbers there too.

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Diedre said...

Whoa, that is pretty low! I make about twice that, and that's still considered low. I even have to share it all with Aaron...hey, that works out to $10,000 per person! And we are indeed quite I guess it works!