Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A New Post

Sorry for my brief hiatus, I have been running around, frolicking in the springtime, tripping over tree roots, spraining my hand, and generally being spastic.

Things I have been thinking lately:

1. The new Feist album is friggin' awesome.
2. I'm really glad that I only have 20 more days of being an admin assistant left.
3. I emphatically do NOT heart Boundless.org, despite my group membership on facebook.
4. Only one more hour until I'm allowed to go get Starbucks.
5. Thinking of your favorite books/movies/etc is really hard. What if I forget an important one and people discover how uncool I am and stop liking me?


Diedre said...

i <3 you

Annemarie said...

i for one will disown you as friend if you leave out any books i deem necessary. your fears are not unfounded.

but for now, i <3 you too.

Laura said...

I liked you before you were cool Steph:) See you in three weeks!!!