Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You should probably wear earplugs if you plan to be in my general vicinity

I'm going to try to contain myself. I'm going to try to use only one (or maybe two) exclamation points at the end of each sentence. And no ones after the exclamation points. And no all caps. Or italics. Or repeating the key words of every single sentence. Or sentence fragment.

Oh to hell with it. IT'S SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The trees are green... GREEN! With leaves... LEAVES! And in the forest there are trilliums growing... TRILLIUMS! And the air smells like blossoms...BLOSSOMS! DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID THE AIR SMELLS LIKE BLOSSOMS! Because there are BLOSSOMS on the trees! And LEAVES! And the leaves are GREEN!

I used to think that I had S.A.D. but now I think I must be bipolar and my manic/depressive cycle only happens once per year, with the depressive happening in the winter and the manic happening in spring. Because, seriously people, I am SPAZZING OUT. And the 313 people can testify to the fact that when I realize it is spring I SCREAM. But at least I don't pretend I'm a cat. Not that anyone I know does that.


Anonymous said...

How many Robins have you seen this spring??

Steph said...

ok, fess up, who is this? Mike?

Mike G. said...

haha... yeah.

annemarie said...

sam made fun of me the other day because i got down on my hands and knees to encourage the baby grasses. then yesterday i had to stop for the tiny little bits of green that are poking out of buds on trees.

but i also know nothing about cats on sidewalks.

Diedre said...

I also know nothing about cats on sidewalks.

But YAHOO for spring! Yesterday I came home to a pitcher full of lilacs on the table. My mother-in-law makes a point of giving us some every year. They remind me of the day we got engaged because we discovered a little ice cream shop that had lilacs on every table and in buckets in the corners and EVERYWHERE else. Yay for spring and soon summer!